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Wavy Poppy Seedhead

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Watch as your wavy poppy seedhead transforms, developing a charming orange rust over time. This high-quality metal ornament enhances any garden, flower border, or plant pot with its decorative beauty. Our metal garden flowers make the perfect gift for friends or loved ones. Each piece is handcrafted by our skilled welder using locally sourced mild steel. Add an organic touch to your garden with the unique rusted color and texture of this beautiful ornament.

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Height: 1m
  • Diameter of head: 60mm
  • Material: Mild steel, designed to rust over time
  • Price: Per poppy

Each metal garden flower is handcrafted by a metalworking expert using locally sourced materials.

Enhance Your Garden with Handcrafted Wavy Poppy Seedhead Ornaments

These poppies are a stunning addition to any garden border, patio, or flower pot. With their wavy stems, they add artistic charm and serve as a lovely focal point in your outdoor space. We recommend purchasing three and varying their heights by pushing the stems into the soil, creating excellent structure and contrast.

No maintenance is required, as each sculpture is crafted to high standards and can be left outside to be admired year-round.

Our metal poppy flower ornaments are sent in a non-rusted state but will naturally rust over time when left outdoors. To accelerate the rusting process, we recommend spraying your product with salt water, which will cause rusting within days.

If you prefer your poppies pre-rusted, please let us know. This will extend the lead time by an additional seven days.

Product Care

Our products are dispatched in a non-rusted condition. For those desiring to accelerate the rusting process, we suggest spraying your garden ornament with salt water over a few days.

Delivery Information

All products are dispatched between 1-3 days. Delivery is on average 2 days.

Wavy Poppy Seedhead
Wavy Poppy Seedhead
Wavy Poppy Seedhead