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Garden Ball Ornaments - Rusty Garden Metal Balls

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Our metal garden ball ornaments are an ideal focal point for any rockery, patio, border, or pond. Watch your garden ball ornaments rust with time. Our decorative balls for the garden require no maintenance and resemble a cannonball.

Our garden ball decor offers a beautiful contrast against a neutral garden background and is the perfect statement piece. 

Each garden ball is handmade by us using high-quality mild steel that has been designed to rust.

The diameter of the ball: 90mm 0.6kg (small), 120mm 0.9kg (medium), 150mm 1.2kg (large), 200mm 2.4kg (extra large) Small trio: Small, Medium, Large Large Trio: Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Material: mild steel, this will rust on purpose No maintenance is required as each ball sculpture is created to high standards and can be left outside and admired all year round.

Product Care

Our products are dispatched in a non-rusted condition. For those desiring to accelerate the rusting process, we suggest spraying your garden ornament with salt water over a few days.

Delivery Information

All products are dispatched between 1-3 days. Delivery is on average 2 days.

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