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Rusty Bird Feeder

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    Invite small songbirds into your garden with our rustic outdoor bird feeding station, where we celebrate the enduring charm of weathered metal in your garden. Our handcrafted distinctive bird feeder poles not only provide sustenance to your feathered visitors but also serve as exquisite garden decorations that age gracefully, enhancing the character of your outdoor space.

    Each feeder is designed so that rain cannot get into the seed holding area and there are small drainage holes in the bottom if the rain did get in, this is to prevent the seeds from getting wet.

    Our rusty bird feeder garden ornament holds a captivating allure that transcends trends and seasons:

    1. Rustic Elegance: The naturally occuring rust exudes rustic elegance, adding a touch of nostalgia and character to any garden.

    2. Durable and Sturdy: Crafted from sturdy materials, these garden ornaments are built to withstand the elements, ensuring they remain reliable and enduring additions to your outdoor sanctuary.

    3. Artistic Expression: Each piece is a unique work of art, with its distinctive patterns and rusted tones, adding a touch of artistic expression to your garden decor.

    Weight: 0.8 kg each

    Height: 1m

    The diameter of head: 100mm (top), 80mm (bottom).

    Material: mild steel, this will rust on purpose.

    No maintenance is required as each sculpture is created to high standards and can be left outside and admired all year round. 

    Product Care

    Our products are dispatched in a non-rusted condition. For those desiring to accelerate the rusting process, we suggest spraying your garden ornament with salt water over a few days.

    Delivery Information

    All products are dispatched between 1-3 days. Delivery is on average 2 days.

    Rusty Bird Feeder
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    Rusty Bird Feeder
    Rusty Bird Feeder